About Us

Simonet Woodwork LTD. is a mid-sized company that has been involved in the manufacturing and installation of custom architectural woodwork since 1978. Located in Edmonton, AB - Simonet Woodwork operates out of a 27,000 ft2 facility which is one of the most efficent and lean woodworking firms in Western Canada.

SWL custom designs and manufactures using the latest in modern machinery and equipment. Past work includes institutional buildings, hospitals, medical offices, banks, and custom office furniture. In the last five years Simonet has completed over 80 schools and over 20 medical facilities. Our woodwork is shipped all over North America with common destinations including: Western Canada, the Arctic, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Due to excellent planning, staff our projects are always delivered on time and on budget.

We can personally guarantee that our expertise in the manufacture and installation of architectural woodwork can be of great benefit to your firm, and our levels of expertise and craftsmanship are extremely high. A check to several of our references and contractors we have worked with in the past will attest to this.

Simonet Woodwork's employees are highly skilled Journeymen/Master Cabinetmakers from all parts of the world, and are experts at working with all materials - from Wood to Corian to Glass. No matter the project at hand, our employees will showcase their excellent skills and talents to deliver a product that goes above and beyond industry standards. Simonet Woodwork also has it's own installation services which can install any job large or small at an extremely competitive rate with outstanding workmanship.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!