Simonet Woodwork LTD. is always looking to take on new, keen apprentices whom are looking for an education in woodwork and offers one of the most concise and advanced training programs in Canada. Our apprentices are exposed to a multitude of different skills, environments, and techniques and are expected to be at a professional level in both hand craftsmanship and timber machining at the end of their apprenticeship. Training and tuition received at Simonet Woodwork is comparable to that received at some of the best Technical Institutions in the world.

Simonet apprentices receive full pay both whilst working on-the-job and also when attending technical training sessions. In addition to recieving competetive wages, tuition fees are also paid for, based on the performance and attitude of the apprentice. Apprentices receive guidance and support during their 4-year apprenticeship and will obtain a thorough theoretical knowledge of the trade and a wide array of skills from not only just Canadian Red Seal Cabinetmakers but also from European trained Master Craftsmen as well.

SWL apprentices receive a large amount of support and guidance from management and their colleagues and trainers. Combining technical training with hands-on experience, qualifying SWL apprentices typically are expected to fulfil management positions both at SWL and other woodworking businesses – our apprentices and training programs are well regarded at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

We are happy to offer a tour of our workshops, by appointment, to local colleges and any individuals interested in a career in working with wood.

Please call Reception on 780 438 2474 to make an appointment or feel free to contact us by email.