As a member of the Architectural Millwork Woodwork Association of Canada (AWMAC), Simonet is committed to providing quality Architectural Millwork with an AWMAC-Approved 2-year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. As a member of the Edmonton Construction Association, we are well established and regarded as one of the top Millwork Manufacturers in Northern Alberta that will only continue to grow in the heart of the booming Alberta economy.

Simonet typically operates on a contract basis, and clients primarily consist of local contractors and construction companies - it is for this fact that we are well known in the region as a leading supplier of Millwork for Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Seniors Homes, and Store Fronts. The timelines of these contracts can span from weeks to years, solely depending on the scope of the project. Combining the best of modern CNC machinery with old-world skill and expertise; we are perfectly capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously as well as large mass produced runs.

Operating out of a 27, 000 FT2 Facility in South-East Edmonton, our 3 primary workshops run harmoniously alongside each other ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget consistently, by using the latest in modern machinery and equipment. Past work includes Millwork, Cabinets, Reception Desks, and Custom Office Furniture. In the last five years Simonet has completed over 80 schools and over 20 medical facilities. Our woodwork is shipped all over North America with the most common destinations being: Western Canada, the Arctic, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.

Due to excellent planning and staff our projects are always delivered on time and are of an exceptional quality.